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News flash… the Barrier website and production is shutting down.

The production, as in my part of the story, is drawing to an end, due to family and life realities I can’t put the energy into producing this project anymore.

On the plus side, there is life in the old girl yet,  I have set up a new site on my personal domain for Barrier, and my many other fictional works.  Over the following months myself and a couple of others will be rewriting the Barrier material into story form and posting it all online, where you can read and enjoy the stories.

In time this may lead to others being inspired and progressing the vision and producing it themselves.

Until then, I bid thee a fond farewell.

au revoir mon ami




In 2006 Barrier was first conceived and designed to be a mainstream science fiction fantasy television series, over the following 6 years we endeavored to partner with and pitch the production to various TV production studios and other parties.

Despite continuous overwhelming interest from scifi fans, the powers that be resisted because it doesn’t conform to what they think viewers want to see,  so as of late 2013 the partners and the creator of Barrier have decided to take it off the grid and remain online, to quote from another popular misunderstood show “You can’t take the skies from me”, or in this case “us”.

What is the mission?

Our mission is to bring original stories and characters to the science fiction community, to never sell or sign over to a network interest, to remain a sole entity by fans for fans, and as long as there is interest and support, we will produce the ongoing story of Barrier.

With great writers, stories, actors, and professional film makers we will produce Barrier and distribute it online as a free to view 720HD, or in collectable DVD and Bluray hard copy, which of course will contain many extra special features.

Another aspect we are going to be promoting will be an active fan fiction environment, where actual story ideas, characters, or concepts that are written by fans, could be sourced and included as main story cannon, this will be covered with a simple submission agreement and disclaimer and will return show credits and other incentives if used on the show.

Unlike other shows, any profit generated from the show will be rolled over into the show itself, not into the studios pockets or executive bonuses, so in theory as we get rolling, it should really roll along.

We will amend and enhance this page as we progress, so keep in touch and we will be coming soon to a galaxy near you…


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Why is Barrier all about racing?

Actually the series only has a small amount of racing in it as the events that are set in motion takes our heroes away from what they love most, but we established the story set in the racing community as we felt it would be more interesting to see ordinary people, in an extraordinary sport, create something that will change their entire society.

The concept is to create a large universe – around an epic saga – set inside a restricted environment – around a small team of people who’s whole world is within a sub-environment.  In our case the sub-environment is the space racing circuit.


Is Claudia Christian really going to be on the show?

Yes,  Claudia has been a great supporter of ours for a long time now,  and we are endeavoring to create an exciting character who will be a central starring character in the main storyline.  However it is our intention not to have her reprise a role similar to Susan Ivanova,  so we will be crafting something unique, fun, dramatic, and memorable for her.

Is Barrier produced by the main Babylon 5 producers?

Not at present, though we do have an open dialog and friendship with John Copeland who produced Babylon 5.  It would be our goal to involve both himself and Mr Douglas Netter in the web-series production, but that would be subject to budget and scope of the project.

When do you expect it to be released?

We are only at an early writing phase at the moment, though we would like to have the first episodes ready by the end of 2014, though it depends solely on exposure, support, funding, and timing.

What’s it about?

“Barrier” is the story about the discovery of a technology that will revolutionize space travel, and the groups who will do anything to control it.   But that is only the spark that sets the series off, from there we are propelled across the stars on a huge adventure to unlock one of the biggest mysteries in the galaxy.

Who’s involved?

Well there are quite a number of named identities interested, though only a few can be named here at present.  Top billing cast members would be Claudia Christian, and Bruce Hopkins,  the producer would be John Copeland of B5 fame.

The B5 alum have been most generous of their time and support, least those that we have contacted.  Several from ST:TNG have also expressed interest in either directorial or acting roles as well.

For the main part we are aiming to introduce new faces and undiscovered talents to give our show a fresh feel and youthful energy.

Why are you making it?

We like space set scifi shows, and there is a serious lack of these kind of shows in TV these days, so we set about creating a show that we would like to see.  But also we didn’t want to produce a fan-fiction type show that used the intellectual property (IP) or inspiration from another show  i.e. Firefly, B5, or Battlestar Galactica.  We wanted to create something that we controlled, or own IP.

Will you be open to fan-fiction submissions becoming part of the main production?

Actually we are very open to the possibility of including fan fiction stories, designs, artwork, and even 3D models being included in the main production where suitable.  Naturally we will organize some sort of  agreement for such submissions as well as a guide and forum of some kind to promote the community.

The submission guide will document how to submit, what the content can cover, and a general back history of the Barrier universe including the political and social boundaries in-which fans can write and design.  Naturally as the stories are released and the main cannon unfolds it will open up room for more fan fiction opportunities, what we are hoping is that characters will be created, designs developed, and details fleshed out that we may not have otherwise conceived.